Play Grab a Pig Your Way

You can use your ideas to make the Grab a Pig game as unique as you are.  When we invented the Grab a Pig card game back in the year 2000-2003 we wanted it to be adaptable; playable by people of all ages in their own way.

To achieve this goal we added the concept of losing three lives. We included fun rules (such as the bluffing rule) that would add twists to the game; but we knew that there was much potential for using your ideas to play Grab a Pig in your own unique way.

The purpose of this page is to tell you how our customers are playing the Grab a Pig card game. You can then think of ways that you could adapt Grab a Pig to use your ideas.

Most of the time Grab a Pig will be played as it was designed. Our customers find the rules are crazy and fun; laughter will resonate around the house playing it just as it was intended.

One of our customers told us "My family love it, it's the most I have seen my husband laugh in years."

Because you have to lose three lives before you are out, the game is opened up for many additions. Firstly, the length of the game can be changed by changing the number of lives before you are out.

Next you could consider playing the Grab a Pig card game in a more adult manner.  For example when you lose a life you could add a task to perform; do a dare, take a drink, make a forfeit, do a charade, sing a song, the list is endless. The only limit is your imagination.

Consider other uses of the Grab a Pig card game. For example one of our adult customers told us that they play animal snap using the cards; when they match a pair they have to make the sound of the animal instead of saying snap.

So you can begin to see that Grab a Pig is more than just a card game, it is a game for all occasions; a drinking game, and adult game, a travel game, a riotous party game, a family game an animal card game and so much more.

"This game is very enjoyable and fun. It is a game for the whole family to sit and play together." - Alison (Aged 14, St. Neots)

"My Family was given Grab a Pig as a present at Christmas and have since had some hilarious fun." - Simon (Suffolk)

"I played Grab a Pig with my family and we all enjoyed playing the game, it was good fun and lots of laughter. It appealed to all the members of the family who range from 8 yrs to 38 yrs." - Tony Lee (Norfolk)

"A great and funny game." - Alex Clements (Aged 8, Norwich)

"Absolutely fantastic, never laughed so much for ages. 15 of us for the weekend ranging from 12 to 80 everyone played and had a brilliant time. Cannot recommend it highly enough!" - Christine Burgin (Lincolnshire)

If you want a game that is brilliant for all occasions and won't cost you the earth then the Grab a Pig card game is perfect for the job. Don't just take our word for it, read the reviews on or read our testimonials.