Host of the Grab a Pig Card Game Gang

Hi all, my name is Portia the pig and I am your host in the Grab a Pig card game!

Before I introduce my friends, I just thought I would say hello. If you want to find out more about our fabulous card game, take a good look around our website;  however, first I am sure you would like to find out a little bit more about my friends; they are the star cast of the Grab a Pig card game.

Click on each of their portraits to find out a little more about them. They'll tell you what they get up to when they're not having fun and games playing Grab a Pig!

Take it from me, Grab a Pig is just so funtastic; perfect for parties, rainy days in, sunny days out, in fact just about anytime and anywhere. "If you are looking for a card game with a difference that is enjoyed as much by adults as an after dinner party game as it by children and parents as a family game then look no further than Grab a Pig".

Don't just take my word for it though, read the reviews on or some of the testimonials on this site.

Grab a Pig's all Star Cast

Henrietta the Hen's bio

Henrietta is waiting for you in the hen house, so why not go and visit her. She will either be asleep with the other girls or playing the Grab a Pig card game with the gang. Henrietta won't mind being disturbed, so click on her now and let her tell you all about herself.

Douglas loves fun and games; he is a real card, the joker of the pack.  You will probably find him around the pond, swimming, eating or just fooling around. Visit him now and he will tell you what he likes to do when he is not playing the Grab a Pig card game with the others.

Douglas the Duck's bio
Conrad the Collie's bio

Conrad is the one who likes to keep everyone together. It will be Conrad who gets everybody together at night time and walks them to the barn. Here they play Grab a Pig when the farmer is asleep. I am sure that you will find him at the kennel right now.  Pay him a visit and see what he has to say.

Shelley is just so dizzy I couldn't be sure where she is, but it is quite likely she is just wandering round somewhere dreaming. Shelley is sometimes in such a dream that she even forgets she is playing with the others and just wanders off on her own somewhere with her Grab a Pig cards. If you are lucky you will find her and she will tell you what she likes to do.

Shellie the Sheep's bio
Cordelia the Cow's bio

Cordelia is so laid back that I am sure you will have no problem finding her to have a chat with; she is probably still in the cow field eating grass.  Cordelia was there when I wandered by earlier so I am sure she will still be there now. Pop by and say hello, I know she would love to see you.

Hortensia, what fun and games she likes to have. She is almost certainly galloping around the paddock right now.  Hortensia won when we were all playing a game of Grab a Pig earlier and she usually gets so excited that she goes off to the paddock for a long run. Pay her a visit and she might stop to talk to you.

Hortensia the Horse's bio