Grab a Pig for Travel Game Lovers

When we created Grab a Pig it was completely new to us; many things to learn and many surprises to our preconceptions about manufacturing and creating games.

One of our considerations when producing Grab a Pig was how to package it. We had many discussions, and decided that we wanted to package it in a box that felt right and was small enough to take anywhere.

We could have made the box big with little sections for each pig and the cards, in the end we decided we would make a box that was the right size for the components to make it portable and easy to store. Because of this the Grab a Pig card game is perfect to buy for a travel game.

The approximate dimensions of the Grab a Pig card game are (width, length, depth) 90mm x 155mm x 40mm, the perfect size for slipping in to your suitcase, pocket hand luggage or even your hand bag.

Now when you go away on holiday, round to friends, to a children's birthday party away for a weekend or anywhere else, you can easily take the Grab a Pig card game with you to get the party started.

"I love this game and so do my children of all ages." - Mrs. Amanda Ripley (East Sussex)

"EXCELLENT! Bought four - Grandchildren love it, have had lots of fun." - Mrs. M. Trett (Norwich)

"I bought Grab a Pig for my granddaughter for Christmas. It's a great game and was enjoyed by all. It didn't take an age setting it all up with masses of cards, boards and rules. It caused a great deal of shouting and screaming and it's a wonder that the neighbours didn't call the police out. We all gave it 10 out of 10." - Jill Hodgkinson (Northamptonshire)

"Despite being for ages six and upwards, my four year old has picked up Grab a Pig really quickly and loves beating his seven year old brother." - Anna (Suffolk)

"Fantastic family game. Fun for all ages! So good we went out and bought another one for ourselves." - Pam (Suffolk)

As a travel game or game to keep in your cupboard or drawer Grab a Pig is perfect. Keep it to hand for a quick game with the children or with friends and family. Still need more proof? Check out some more of our testimonials or read the reviews on

We want the Grab a Pig card game to be one of games you always take with you when you travel. Grab a Pig has been made in Britain to a high standard so should give you many years of pleasure. Buy a game today and see why many of our sales come directly from recommendations to friends from our customers.