Grab a Pig game play

Grab a Pig Award Winning British Card Game

Grab a Pig is a British card game that "spans the generations" as one of our customers pointed out. Whether you are looking for a family card game, a riotous party game, a travel game,a drinking game or a game for an adults only party we are sure that you will find the Grab a Pig card game will get the party started.

If you like to laugh then you will love the Grab a Pig card game, simple to learn, addictive to play you may find yourself laughing more than you have done in years.

We have Grab a Pig card game players across almost all of our 6 to 96 age range and all enjoy it. Don't just take our word for it, see what people just like you are saying about the Grab a Pig card game by reading some of the testimonials from Grab a Pig game players.

Grab a Pig Card Game Components

5 Soft Plastic Pigs, 1 Pencil, 4 Rule cards, 1 double sided Score Pad, 24 game cards (4 of each of the 6 characters). The laminated box and the game cards are wipeable.

Grab a Pig Game Play

Hi, it's me again, Portia. I would like to take the time to introduce you all to our card game Grab a Pig.

It's absolutely the perfect pastime, a game for everyone to enjoy from ages 6 to 96. The Grab a Pig card game is a game to be played anywhere - table, floor or farmyard. Simply place the pigs in the centre of the players, deal the cards and keep them close to your chest.

When the dealer calls "oink" pass a card to your left. Carry on until someone has a set then - Grab a Pig! The play is as fast as the dealer's "oink", just keep the game moving.

The object of the game is to collect a set of cards. Each set is one of my favourite animal friends. there are six different sets to collect. Let me introduce you to the star cast:

Hortensia the Horse
Shelley the Sheep
Douglas the Duck
Conrad the Collie
Cordelia the Cow
Henrietta the Hen

The star cast of the Grab a Pig card game in order of left to right are Hortensia the Horse, Shelley the Sheep, Douglas the Duck, Conrad the Collie, Cordelia the Cow and finally Henrietta the Hen.

Cordelia explains, "You've got to keep the game moo-ving". Once you have a set in your hand grab a pig but you'll need to be quick as the other players will make a grab for the pigs too. The player who misses a pig, loses a life. Bluff your friends into a frenzy! Bluffing is allowed and adds to the tension of the game. "This is my favourite bit" says Douglas.

Just see what people are saying:

"So much fun you'll play for hours"

"Spans the generations my six year old loves playing Grab a Pig with his Grandma"

"My family love it, it's the most I have seen my husband laugh in years"

Grab a Pig card game is a fast action game that's fun for all!  Go on, make a pig of yourself and Grab a Pig today!