Shelley the Sheep

The Dreamer Of The Grab a Pig Card Game Gang

Shelley the Sheep is the dreamer of the gang, her head is always in the clouds. She is always thinking of all the wonderful things she would like to do and places she would like to see.

Shelley is very scatty, most of her time is spent ambling around the farm doing nothing in particular, she just loves to roam and dream. She always looks out for Conrad, because she relies on him when she gets lost around the farm to show her the way back to her field and friends.

Shelley is clumsy and forgetful but everybody loves her. She is the one that will forget to grab a pig when she gets four of a kind whilst she is playing the Grab a Pig card game with her friends.

Shelley Speaks About Herself and Grab a Pig

Baa, Baaaaa,

I'm Shelley the sheep, sometimes I go to the sheep dip. Especially if the flies have been buzzing around me and making me itch, as it keeps them away.

I am often off sleeping somewhere, daydreaming about something. I cannot usually remember where or what, I'm very forgetful you know. If it wasn't for my best friend Conrad the Collie coming to find me I may always be lost.

Usually Conrad comes to find me when I'm lost, he is wonderful, we are such good friends. I spend most of my time around the paddock grazing, but at night I get together all my friends to chat or play the Grab a Pig card game.

When I have my turn through the dip I often go running off somewhere until I dry out. Conrad usually comes looking for me to bring me back for tea time.