Grab a Pig for Pig Lovers

If you are a Pig Lover and a lover of games then Grab a Pig is sure to please you.  Grab a Pig card game includes five adorably cute soft plastic pigs.  The pigs have been made from our very own especially designed mould; and they are entirely unique.

Grab a Pig is about more than just the pigs however, it is a riotously funny pig game that will be bound to have you roaring with laughter.

When we created Grab a Pig we wanted to create a game that families would play together.  We wanted it to be easy to learn and fun to play, to offer a break from the TV and computers.  Customers so often tell us the amount of fun they get from the game.

Whether you are an adult or a child, Grab a Pig could be for you.  Pig lovers will love the game too.  We gave a lot of thought to the pigs; we wanted them to be cute, light and tactile; people tell us we have achieved that. They are made from more expensive plastic in order to meet our requirements.

"Bought as a present, so haven't played it. But the box was opened by the person it was for and she and her children immediately loved the pigs. The children played with these on their own for a while before it was all packed up to be taken home." - Amazon Customer (

"I think this is a great game. My fav animals are pigs, and I love the pigs inside Grab a Pig. P.S I’m a hog." -  Gabrielle (Aged 9, Coppenhall)

"What a brilliant game! We bought this to play with the whole family and it has not disappointed! Grab a Pig makes for an absolutely hilarious, fun-filled game that can be enjoyed in less than half an hour with easy to follow rules. Even my three-year-old loves playing it and can more than hold his own. Thanks for making such a simple, but incredibly fun game with infinite replay value!" - S. J. Dambrauskas (

"The hit of the Christmas Holidays! Such a simple game but great fun. Both children and adults loved it. We had a 6 year old playing and they managed fine. The piggies are cute. It’s small enough to take away and we’re looking forward to taking it camping. 5 stars *****" - Amazon Customer (

"What a stupid, and yet brilliant, game!!! I ordered it solely on the grounds of the excellent reviews it had; I however did not quite fully understand what the game was about until we started playing it. Really good, simple fun for the whole family. The attraction for me was that it can be played both with my 6 year old who has learning difficulties and my 12 year old who s academically extremely talented. Once the little one understood the rules fully and had played a few practice rounds at a slow pace, she became fierce at it and, oh my god, did she love it!! I ended up being regularly beaten by both my kids and losing most rounds. I can only imagine how hysterical it can get when played with a big groups of adults too and I must join the other dozens of happy customers who highly recommended this game before me: it is worth every penny and cannot be beaten on entertainment value. Simply brilliant!" - Steph (

You are sure to like Grab a Pig whether you are a pig lover, a collector of pig related items, or you just love to have fun with your friends and family. The Grab a Pig game should keep you laughing however many generations play together.