Henrietta the Hen

The Bossy One Of The Grab a Pig Card Game Gang

Henrietta the Hen is very bossy, she is the "Mother Hen"; she is always looking out for her girls in the hen house and won't have anybody upsetting them.

When Henrietta chills out a bit she likes to wander. She always knows where she is and where she is going but she likes to wander around eating food and meeting her friends for a chat.

Sometimes Henrietta seems to be a little stern, but Douglas always manages to put a smile on her face. She has very good concentration, this often helps her when she is playing Grab a Pig with her friends.

There is more to Henrietta though than checking out for her girls and bad moods, on a warm summers evening she tucks her girls in their beds and wanders off to play the Grab a Pig card game with her friends.

Henrietta Speaks About Herself and Grab a Pig

Cluck Cluck!

I'm Henrietta and usually I'm here at the hen house. I have been here the longest out of all the hens. I'm the head girl in the hen house.

When we have new girls move in it is my job to show them where to sleep and where to eat. I also introduce them to all of my friends. I have so much to do, it can all get a bit too much sometimes. If I am getting tense I play Grab a Pig, or I go to see Douglas at the pond which soon gets me laughing. Douglas is so funny he is always playing around and it is difficult to be in a bad mood when you are with him.

I often wander around the farm to go and chat with my friends, the paddock is always a good place to meet, as I can keep an eye on the hen house and still have a chat or a laugh.