Grab a pig card game

The Grab a Pig card game is an award winning British game that you will not be able to put down. Grab a Pig can provide hours of fun for families or friends; whatever your age we are sure you will roar with laughter. If you are looking for a fun game that is perfect for all occasions then Grab a Pig is the only game you'll need.

Whether you are 6 or 96, the Grab a Pig card game is the perfect partner for every occasion. As a family game, a drinking game, a party game or a travel game Grab a Pig is the one to have.

Grab a Pig is manufactured in the UK in order to support British business; however it is being enjoyed all around the world. In Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Asia and Europe the Grab a Pig card game is getting parties started for children and adults alike.

The cast of grab a pig

The Grab a Pig card game would be nothing without it's lead characters. All the characters have unique characteristics and each is somebody's favourite. Portia could be considered to be the pivotal character; it is Portia who was used to create the game's plastic pigs.

Conrad the Collie

Conrad the collie

Conrad is the Protector of the gang, he keeps everyone together.

Douglas the Duck

Douglas the Duck

Douglas loves fun and games he is the joker of the pack.

Cordelia the Cow

Cordelia the Cow

Cordelia is so laid back, she's often wandering around just grazing.

Shelley the Sheep

Shelley the sheep

Shelly is the dizzy one of the Gang, She's often getting herself lost around the farm.

Henrietta the Hen

Henrietta the Hen

Henrietta is the mother hen and keeps her girls in check in the hen house.

Hortensia the Horse

hortensia the horse

Hortensia is always having a good laugh or playing practical jokes.

Portia the Pig

Portia the Pig

Portia was the inspiration for Grab a Pig, she constantly reminds the others of this.


Grab a Pig Card Game Awards

Despite the first Grab a Pig game being sold in the UK in October 2003 Grab a Pig has still been winning awards since then.

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Grab a Pig card game has been delighting children and adults around the world since 2003.  It continues to be a firm favourite with many people at family gatherings. It often makes it's way into suitcases as a travel companion.

Grab a Pig is the ideal way to get a party started whatever the occasion.   Perfect as a kids game, a family game, a travel game or an adults only game; it's even being used as an ice breaker at business meetings.

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