About Games 4 Giggles

Games 4 Giggles is an independent British games company. We launched our first game "Grab a Pig" on the 9th of October 2003 after around 3 years preparing.

In 2006 Prospecting in Gold (the original name of the company) ceased trading; however it was then re-opened by the original managing director without the original team. The focus changed from selling through retail outlets to selling online.

In 2015 the company name was changed to Games 4 Giggles and the Grab a Pig game was redesigned.

Since then the demand for the Grab a Pig card game worldwide has been high. This is thanks to the support of the many people who play with friends and family of all ages. We have had testimonials from people up to the age of 87.

Because of the brightly coloured  animal designs people often make the mistake of thinking that this is simply a family game; it is only when they play it that they realise it is also a fantastic party game for adults.

The Grab a Pig card game truly is suitable for anybody from age six onward.  We have worked tirelessly since it's creation to produce this fun, high quality, British made game.

At Games 4 Giggles we have always worked hard to ensure that we produce high quality products.  For this reason we work with British companies who produce the components, materials and package the games ready for sale.

Grab a Pig has been wholly produced in the UK since day one and it is the intention to keep it that way; resisting the pull of going abroad to have it manufactured in order to support British businesses.

It was decided to create our own pig based on Portia so that they would be unique; when you buy Grab a Pig you will be getting a game that is truly original in design.

Finally the Grab a Pig card game was made to perfectly fit it's box so that it would be compact enough to take it with you when you go on holiday, to parties, on family days out or if you're just out with mates.

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