Cordelia the Cow

The Listener Of The Grab a Pig Card Game Gang

Cordelia the cow is the listener of the Grab a Pig card game gang. She is very friendly and softly spoken, she is always ready to offer a listening ear to her friends.

A bit of a romantic, Cordelia is very relaxed about life. Everything is just a little too much trouble. Usually Cordelia can be found just lying around the cow field eating grass and chilling out; she likes the sunshine and nothing ever really annoys her.

Cordelia would rather spend time in the cow field lying on the grass and talking with her friends from the Grab a Pig card game than almost anything else.

Cordelia the Cow Speaks About Herself and Grab a Pig


I'm Cordelia the Cow. I usually have a wonderful time, I spend most of my mornings sleeping, or grazing in the cow field. The grass there is green and lush, it is also very tasty. My friends will often join me there so we can talk; however, we usually finish the night by playing Grab a Pig.

I can see Douglas down at his pond from the cow field. Sometimes I wander down to chat if I can be bothered to move! Douglas likes to talk, but he is usually surrounded by children; he is very popular. Hortensia and I often walk around the paddock together, she is wonderful and has a great sense of humour.

Hortensia loves to run, I'm far too lazy but I sometimes lie and watch, she is very fast and sometimes will run with Conrad. When the farmer is sleeping, we often go to the paddock and play the Grab a Pig card game. Portia likes to keep the game oinking, and we have a wonderful time.