Hortensia the Horse

The Joker Of The Grab a Pig Card Game Gang

Hortensia the horse is the joker of the Grab a Pig card game gang, she loves to have a laugh and always looks on the bright side of every situation. She has played many practical jokes on her friends. Shelley usually falls for them because she is so scatty.

Hortensia always manages to keep her friends happy and they love to spend time with her.

Hortensia and Douglas are the best of friends, she is another one that makes the most of the bluffing rule within the Grab A Pig card game which leads to great fun when Douglas is bluffing too.

When they have done joking around for the day Hortensia will run to the paddock or the barn in the evening to join her friends for a late night session of Grab a Pig.

Hortensia the Horse Speaks About Herself and Grab a Pig

Neighhhh everybody.

I'm so happy, life is wonderful, I run for hours, rain or shine. I love to run, I run around the paddock, to the pond, to the hen house, the barn, in fact I run everywhere.

I often like to play a joke or two on my friends, I usually discuss them with Douglas, as he likes a laugh too; especially when the joke is on one of our friends.

Sometimes, I go to sleep in the cowshed with Cordelia, or she sleeps in my stable. It is usually if we are frightened by a storm, or if we just want to talk.

We often graze together, the grass always tastes different in the cow field, and I do love to eat buttercups. Cordelia usually saves some for me when she finds them.

On a warm evening we all get together on the paddock (or sometimes the cow field) to play the Grab a Pig card game. I laugh so much, Douglas and I are always trying to bluff and make our friends lose. On a rainy day playing Grab a Pig is also great fun but we usually play in the barn.