Grab a Pig for Family Game Lovers

Grab a Pig is a British game that was invented to bring a smile to your face whatever your age. People from 6 to 96 (and older) can enjoy the Grab a Pig card game. As a family game Grab a Pig excels, and as one of our satisfied customers states in their testimonial "It spans the generations".

As a family game people love Grab a Pig. You can play it at Christmas, on birthdays or just to spend some quality time together as a family laughing and having fun.

"Children love the fun rules" says the Good Toy Guide, and this too is true of adults. Grab a Pig is very portable making it great for taking with you on holidays and days out.

Games for families should be easy to learn, and Grab a Pig is; in only a few minutes you are set up and ready to go. It is affordable and makes a great present for children to give to their friends when going to birthday parties.

Family games should be flexible otherwise people will get bored. With Grab a Pig you can make the game as short or long as you like. It truly is a flexible game (read the other Grab a Pig variations for other ideas) normally you would have to lose 3 lives before the player was out, if you want a shorter game make it one life or two.

You will be amazed at how much children love the Grab a Pig card game, we often hear stories of children continuing to play the game even when they have been losing; now that is testimony indeed. One man even told us that he managed to get (and keep) his nephew off of his Playstation to play the game.

If you are looking for the perfect family game to buy for Christmas, for your holidays or to enjoy quality time as a family on any occasion then we are sure that Grab a Pig will not disappoint you.

If you are looking for a family game that you will enjoy for years and play for hours then you won't go far wrong with the Grab a Pig card game, check out some of the testimonials below that relate to Grab a Pig played as a family game.

"We've had our Grab a Pig for a few years now and is a family all time favourite! One set is now in Australia where it is played loads and loved!" - Alison George (Hertford)

"This game is "Pigging Fan-tas-tic"! Grab a Pig gave our Family hours of fun at Christmas." - Katie (Suffolk)

"A mad enjoyable evenings fun, everything you say it is in the instructions. The whole of the family played from 8 to 73 years of age." - Mrs. Stevens (Cambridgeshire)

"We have lots of fun & laughter - old & young - they've all enjoyed it. A great ice breaker!" - Mrs. Ann Lake (Oxford)

"I love this game and so do my children of all ages." - Mrs. Amanda Ripley (East Sussex)

We are certain that you will love the Grab a Pig card game as much as our customers above, and when you do please write and tell us about it.

We want the Grab a Pig card game to be one of the great family games that people grab from their shelves whenever they want to play a game at a family gathering, go away on holidays, spend some quality time with their children or just need a good giggle.