Grab a Pig Card Game News Old And New

Grab A Pig Gets Highly Recommended at the Top Toy Awards(2011)

The Grab A Pig card game is once again winning awards, this year (2011) is was "Highly Recommended" by Top Toys placing it as not just a firm favourite for birthdays and travel but also as the perfect game to buy for a Christmas present for fun loving children and adults everywhere.

Grab A Pig Gets Silver At The Good Toy Guide Awards(2009)

Grab a Pig wins the Silver

The Grab A Pig card game again featured in the Good Toy Guide Awards this time gaining a silver at Games 4 Giggles we are heartened by this because it further re-enforces how much Grab a Pig is enjoyed by all ages.

Read the details below of what the Good Toy Guide said about Grab a Pig in the three sections below indicating the main features of the game, the benefits to be gained from playing it and the skills it takes or enhances.

Main Features: This fun, fast-paced card game introduces children to farm animals as well as promoting observation and concentration skills. Players aim to gather all the animals of one kind into a set, before grabbing a plastic pig from the centre of the table. The last to do so loses one of three lives - the last player standing is the winner. Neat and portable, this is a great choice for travel or holidays.

Benefits: "The best game ever!" declared Amy, age five, just one of the many fans of the popular game, which created a lot of fun and laughter among our testers of all ages. "Fab for all the family, this game was played with again and again" reported one mum, highlighting the product's excellent value for money. The fast pace of play encourages children to listen and concentrate as well as underlining the importance of turn taking.

Skills: Imagination, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, maths/numbers/shapes, problem solving/strategy, speaking, listening, observation, concentration

The Grab a Pig Website Gets A Much Needed Overhaul

It struck us that the Grab a Pig card game might be a work of art, but the website needed to be updated a little to show it off better. So welcome to the new improved Grab a Pig site. We hope that you like it and please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or comments.

Grab A Pig "Highly Recommended" By The Good Toy Guide Again(2005)

visit the Good Toy Guide website

The Grab A Pig card game was again awarded the prestigious "Highly Recommended" by the Good Toy Guide proving again that people love to play the game. It makes us proud when the Grab a Pig card game is rcognised for it's value as a great card game.

We hope that generations of adults and children alike will be able to enjoy the Grab a Pig card game

Grab A Pig "Highly Recommended" By The Good Toy Guide (2004)

visit the Good Toy Guide website

The Good Toy Guide is produced by the National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries (NATLL), every year they run The Good Toy Awards which are the most prestigious toy awards in the UK. Rigorous play-testing is carried out by childcare professionals, parents, teachers and children in homes and schools throughout the country. Toys are assessed and awarded marks out of 10 on a wide range of criteria such as skill development, play value, safety and benefits for those with special needs.

Grab a Pig Goes to South Korea (2004)

Grab a Pig card game is now on its being sold in South Korea, we have just distributed our first batch of games to Inter Hobby Co. in Seoul. This is exciting as all these sales have been from recommendations and word of mouth.

Grab a Pig Goes to The USA (2004)

Grab a Pig is now on its way to the USA, we have just distributed our first batch of games to One of the Games By James stores owned by Pointview Inc in Iowa.  It is also going to be showcased at the World Pork Expo held at Des Moines Iowa on the 10th of June 2004.

The 2004 Toy Fair At The London ExCel

We attended the Toy Fair at the London ExCel from the 29th of January to the 1st February 2004. It was excellent to meet so many people and we had a great time. Many thanks to all for taking the time to visit, and of course thank you for your orders which we know will make your customers very happy.

If you are looking for a new game to supply throughout the year, and for Christmas 2004 now is the time to buy, our feedback so far is excellent, people are loving Grab a Pig. Just one game with a group of fun loving friends or family and you will be hooked!

Hatfield House Gifts for Christmas Exhibition (2003)

We attended the Gifts for Christmas exhibition at Hatfield House between the 14th and 16th of November 2003. It was a great show, we had an excellent time and again met some great people.

Yet again there were many games bought for Christmas and some good feedback about the game.

Sandringham Gifts for Christmas Exhibition (2003)

The exhibition we attended at Sandringham on the 31st of October to the 2nd of November 2003 was a great event. It was particularly nice to meet everybody and to see people buying Grab A Pig to play over Christmas.

It seems fitting that a game we created whilst spending time together as a family over Christmas will be enjoyed by many more people this year. We would like to thank everybody for their best wishes for our success with the Grab A Pig card game.


If you have a game of Grab A Pig we would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed the game and would like to send in any testimonials for possible inclusion on our web site or future mailings please send an e-mail to us at with Testimonials as a subject heading.

Grab a Pig is a card game suited for ages 6 to 96. The Grab a Pig card game is a great family card game and a riotous party card game.