Conrad The Collie; The Protector Of The Grab a Pig Card Game Gang

Conrad the Collie, Protector of the Grab a Pig card game gangConrad is very much the protector of the Grab a Pig card game gang. Conrad is calm, collected and very intelligent.

Conrad isn't afraid of anything and is always there ready to help his friends if they need him. He is always walking around to check that his friends are all ok. Shelley would quite literally be lost without Conrad, as she never quite knows where she is.

Conrad loves to have fun and loves to run, he is very fast and likes chasing round with his friend Hortensia. Conrad can often seen rounding all the gang to play the Grab a Pig card game.

Conrad Speaks About Himself & The Grab a Pig Card Game


Hi there card game players, I am Conrad. When I am not working around the farm or playing the Grab a Pig card game with my friends, I like to lie down in my kennel and rest. Usually you will find me hanging round the farm keeping an eye on things and keeping all my friends from getting in trouble.

My time around the farm is often spent with Shelley. She is so dizzy I have to chase around after her to show her where to go, and where everything is. Shelley likes to daydream, and wanders off, I usually have to go looking for her.

On a warm summers night I like to lie with my friends in the paddock. This is where Portia, Cordelia, Hortensia, Henrietta, Douglas, Shelley and I usually play the Grab a Pig card game (unless it is raining, in which case we play in the barn).

Normally I like to sleep in my kennel, but sometimes I will stay in the barn or paddock, it all depends on whether I want to sleep under the stars, or keep out of the rain.

The colourful graphics and well drawn cards in the Grab a Pig card game make it the perfect family game for any event.