Grab a Pig British Card Game As An Adult Game

The Grab a Pig card game is made in BritainThe flexibility of the Grab a Pig British card game means that when you buy Grab a Pig you get more for your money. Grab a Pig can be a drinking game, and adult card game, a dare game or more because when we designed it we wanted it to be enjoyed by everybody.

The family oriented graphics mean that it is perfectly suited for those who wish a fun family game but the riotous game play make it perfect for parties, holidays and nights with friends for adults of all ages.

Our adult customers enjoy playing the Grab a Pig card game as an adult game as much as the children enjoy playing it, the only difference is the way it is played. Adults old and young are finding the Grab a Pig game a great laugh; "Excellent Fun, a fast, exciting game for all age groups" as one of our customers told us.

The Grab a Pig card game is a multi award winning game having been Highly Recommended by the Good Toy Guide more than once. Don't let the cute animals fool you, this is as much an adult card game or drinking game through and through as it is a family game.

One of the strong points of the Grab a Pig card game is it's diversity; play it as a family game by day and an adult game or drinking game by night. With Grab a Pig the rules are made to be broken!

The Grab a Pig card game allows you three lives before you are out, because of this rule the losing of a life opens it up to all manner of things. Lose a life, take a drink, do a forfeit, perform a dare, remove an item of clothing or anything else that suits the party or gathering that you are at. So, as you can see, Grab a Pig as an adult game will have you laughing for hours; we guarantee you will have great fun once you enter into the spirit of the Grab a Pig card game.

If you want a game for a riotous night with mates then Grab a Pig is one game that you are bound to love. Check out some of the testimonials below that relate to Grab a Pig played as an adult game.

Jonathan, Bethany, Nick, Katie (Ages 20 - 22) - Surrey


Katie - Essex

"Easy game to play, played it with inmates at Highpoint. Well worth the money in fun. Not too many rules to work out."

Ivan - Suffolk

"we have played grab a pig over the Christmas period and have had hours of fun and have struggled to put the game down. Excellent."

Barbara - Norfolk

"I belong to a club and we occasionally have an evening with a quiz and some games, like beetle and dice, so I thought your pig game would be fine. It was a good laugh, and bear in mind most of the people in the club are over sixty!"

Mrs. Knight - Dover

"This is a great game. Easy to learn and any age can play. Lots of fun too."

Janice Nice - Suffolk

"Great family fun. One broken finger nail and 2 scratched arms! Simple, suitable for all ages. Brilliant!"

See what people have to say about the Grab a Pig card gameWe are certain that you will love the Grab a Pig card game as much as our customers above, and when you do please write and tell us about it. Not had enough proof yet, check out some more of our testimonials by clicking here.

We want the Grab a Pig card game to be one of the great adult party games that people will reach for before they go on holidays with their mates or have a riotous party.

The Grab a Pig card game is great for groups of men, women or mixed groups for parties, weekends away, stag nights, hen nights, holidays and so much more.

Grab a Pig is a perfect adult card game for adults of all ages. Whether you want a riotous party game or an excellent drinking game Grab a Pig is perfect!